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Professional CV Writers Reviews



Over the past 15 years or so, I have been accredited as being one of the UK’s most successful specialist recruitment consultants and a few years ago, I did in fact win a prize for ‘highest fee-earner’ out of some 25,000 other talented recruiters. This isn’t the first time that I have been involved in taking part in professional CV writers reviews.  

If I think back over the course of my career, I have probably considered over  30,000 CV’s to date and rejected some 26,000 of those. I place some 200+ lawyers into permanent employment each year. So I do believe that I have sufficient credentials to know what makes a good CV and what doesn’t. I have no doubt that a large percentage of those candidates whose CV’s I have rejected were excellent if not outstanding candidates but as any recruitment consultant will tell you, it’s the CV that we have first contact with and not the candidate.

I would be lying if I said that some CV’s didn’t get rejected just on the basis of aesthetic looks, but to me personally, how a CV ‘looks’ is not so important. You would be surprised as to how many CV’s hit my desk missing vital information that I may be keeping a special look out for in respect of a specific role, only to find out often too late that a candidate did in fact hold the particular accreditation or qualification that I had been looking for but that they thought it not relevant to include it.

Recruitment Consultants are usually the most important ‘gate’ to get through when applying for a dream job and if your CV doesn’t impress us, you’re not going to get through the gate. Recruiters are paid by the employer to vet applications. Only after we have vetted initial CV applications, do we consider interviewing the candidate. I cannot emphasis enough as to how important it is to have ‘the perfect CV’, even more so at present, given the state of the employment market at the moment, when CV applications art at their highest in years.

I have been approached a few times over the years to consult to CV writing businesses but have always held back as I didn’t believe in the credentials of those involved in the venture being pitched to me. Sure they were OK, in fact very professional but for me to recommend that a job seeker should part with hard earned cash in exchange for assistance in securing employment with no guarantees doesn’t sit right with my conscience. But the CV Nation team are different; they do offer a 100% money back, ‘no quibble’ guarantee. In 7 years, they have only had one request for a refund. Pretty good performance record I would say! Furthermore I have known the guys for some years, am aware of the size of their order book and have spoken to many of their hundred’s of satisfied clients. Quite simply, they care and show great pride in their work. They remember most of their clients as if they met with them only yesterday. They take a genuine interest in the long term careers of their clients and I suspect feel emotionally proud when a client gets their next big career break, just in the same way as even the toughest recruitment consultant does!

So hand on heart, if you are considering ordering a professionally written CV (which most of you really should be), I unequivocally recommend without any hesitation that you have a chat with the CV Nation team….. oh and for the skeptics among you, I am not being paid for this endorsement!

Good luck in your chosen career. With best wishes,

Sean Smith

About Sean Smith

Sean Smith | Recruitment Entrepreneur | Leading Legal Recruiter / Head Hunter | SMRT CEO & Entrepreneur Sean Smith is considered one of the UK's leading legal recruitment consultants and professional head hunters. An accomplished entrepreneur & author of SMRT related publications. Developer of iTunes APP 'Crime Time'. During the past 15 years, Sean Smith has managed highly successful legal recruitment teams on three continents and is considered one of the industry's leading fee-earners. Having worked his way up through the ranks of management within three leading recruitment houses he founded, Sean Smith & Associates establishing a niche specialist brand within legal recruitment focussing on publicly funded firms of Solicitor's. He is the largest recruiter of Duty Criminal Solicitors in England & Wales. With a passion for SMRT, Sean's innovative idea's have led to the development & implementation of products such as JobBud, the largest Jobs Board in Wales as well as CvBud, the World's biggest CV Distribution Network, all developed by BamsBoard of which Sean was recently appointed honorary CEO. Sean is a brand in his own right, within the Recruitment, Legal & SMRT industries. Sean Smith has in excess of 180,000 social media followers. In June 2012, Sean Smith was named as being in top 100 most influential social media users in London and JobBud, named number one for Wales. He was named by EU Entrepreneur publications as one of the most influential 100 social media entrepreneurs for 2012. Bragging rights: Founder of World's largest CV Distribution Network, Largest supplier of Criminal Duty Solicitors in England & Wales, Author, Top 100 Most Influential Social Media Influencers 2012, Top 100 Social Media Entreprenuers in EU, 2012. Developer of iTunes APP 'Crime Time'.

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